Sim7020G NB-iot not working.

Hi, I purchased a Sim7020G a couple of years ago, and I tried to get it online today. Using AT commands I’m able to see the SIM card I know the SIM card is functioning however I’m not able to get any connectivity over NB-iot here on the East Coast. I know the SIM card works because I’m able to connect to T-Mobile and Verizon using a different device. Is there an extra step to get nbiot working or is it not available in my area as yet?
diagnostic I ran to test the hardware




+CGREG: 0,2


+CSQ 99,99


+COPS: 0



+CFUN: 1

Thanks in advance any guidance is appreciated regards.

AT+CSQ resulted in 99,99 which means you don’t have a signal for your SIM7020G. Make sure your antenna is properly connected. Good signal after AT+CSQ command - 18-25,99. I hope this helps.


Hi, the antenna is properly connected and I did stick the unit outside my window I live on the top floor so signal should not be an issue I also went on the T-Mobile coverage map and my home is well within the nbiot coverage area. This seems to me like the SIM card is not able to accomplish nbiot connections. I think my next step will be to open a support ticket.

It sounds like hardware issue. At times, my cabling to the antenna can cause broken wiring towards the coax (if that’s what you have). I had been through this same issue so many times myself. You have to get a response of 18 to 25,99 upon AT+CSQ.

If you have spare antenna, use it for testing, otherwise opening a ticket is also an ultimate option but no guarantees.

I also thought it was the antenna I have a ton of them and I have replaced it with five still the same results, I even tried going outside. I opened up the support ticket waiting for their reply.

NB is mostly not supported right now. The roaming arrangements aren’t really worked out yet. If you really need it for your application though you can contact our sales team and they may be able to help

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Hi Reuben,
Okay thank you for the reply I don’t really “need” it for my project. I was really testing the features out but if the inflammation is not in place yet I will wait until that happens and retest. I’m glad to know that it just wasn’t my hardware or SIM card damage.



I’m at Toronto and here the nbiot is up and running, I was able to get connected and do some data posts.

When the modem is brand new, it usually takes a few hours to get connected (I don’t know why though).

Which sim card are you using?

I switched to a Sim7000a and it connected immediately. But I also did force it to connect to the LTE network and not nbiot. I am using a hologram Sim.

There seems to be a hardware issue. Occasionally my antenna wiring may cause broken wiring towards the coax (if that’s what you’ve got). My own experiences have been similar. When you use AT+CSQ, you must receive a response between 18 to 25,99 read this blog may be it will help. if you still have issue then mail me.

I think it’s a hardware issue. It is possible for my antenna cabling to cause broken wiring towards the coax (if you have this type of cable). The same issue had come up so many times for me. When you use AT+CSQ, you must receive a response between 18 and 25,99. If You still have issue read this.

Is Jan 2023 now …Any progress with this NB-IoT?

I had the same problem I can use the Hologram Global Sim on the SIM7080G in CAT-M mode via T-Mobile… NB-IoT mode doesn’t connect as a few days ago. I am moving to the SIM7020G because is simpler, much cheaper, and less power. But it is only NB-IoT capable and the Hologram SIM (same that works in the CAT-M capable module) just wont work here. So I got a demo SIM from Soracom that I had abandoned in my dawer to do a test, and connected with no problem in NB-IOT mode also T-Mobile. Go figure! I wrote to the sales email I had from Hologram in case they had new SIMs compatible with NB_IOT connect. This was a week ago and no answer.

Anybody knows if Hologram is just not supporting NB-IoT for some reason?