SIM7600 series

We are developing a device that we are wanting to have cellular connectivity. We were originally going to use SIM7600E, but we were told it would not work with US mobile carriers. We were told we would need a 7600V instead. We cannot find the information we need to be 100% certain, so we are looking to y’all for assistance! We are wanting to use Hologram and we would like to be able to be compatible with most if not all US carriers regardless of what band or frequency they use. Can anyone in here help us decide what SIM module we need to have installed on our PCB to make this all possible?

Cell board hobbyist/tinkerer here, so definitely not the last word, but here’s some things that might help with your decision if no one else responds.

Never knew of the “V” suffix until you mentioned it, but it looks like the V means Verizon. The E is europe, A is North America, SA South America, G global.

Go to this web page and scroll down a little bit, you’ll see the 7600 chip table with their suffix, then look near the bottom of the same table to see the regions/country(s) the chip is intended for.

Any Sim7### breakout board I’ve gotten I just get the G suffix, it costs more and no doubt it’s overkill, but I like to tinker with this stuff and have all the “bells and whistles” since it’s so cool.

Something else to consider, one of Hologram’s own tutorials uses a SIM7000A breakout board. So it would appear the “A” is fine for the US and your scope, but again, just a hobbyist here.

Since you’re having boards built you may want to contact Hologram sales to be sure about the chip suffix and region…or buy a region appropriate 7600- breakout board (like those Waveshares above, they’re nice) and try things out with a Hologram sim first to confirm all is good before spending $$ on a custom build.

Very curious about the application, and why the 7600 versus say a Cat-M1 chip like the 7000, but I digress.

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THIS! This is the info I’ve been looking for! Thank you for responding to my thread. The only reason we are using the 7600 is because that is what my board designer recommended. I know absolutely nothing about any of them. He said he will have to restart the design if we change from the 7600, so I suppose we will settle with the 7600G. Once again, thank you so much for this info! If theres anything else you think i should know, pleas elet me know!

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