SIM800L in NY and NJ 2021 2022 AT+COPS=?

Hi, I was wondering if still is ok to activate new SIMs with SIM800L (2G) here in NY and NJ as December 2021. I understand T-mobile is shutting down 2G end of next year, and not accepting new subscriptions already, but yet wondering if using the Hologram SIM would work. My regular TMobile cell phone, still works here in NYC when restricted to only 2G mode. Using a cell tower app and restricting to only 2G, I see quite a number of Towers operating in PCS1900, and transfer rates around 40Kbps up/down.

I just tested a couple inexpensive SIM800L modems first with no SIM and after with a recently activated Hologram SIM card. But the AT+COPS=? consistently shows +COPS: ,(0-4),(0-2) , that I understand no networks are visible. I believe I read that all compatible networks should show with this command regardless you have a SIM card or not. Tried another number of things, as modem mode, making sure rf is on, etc, and nothing. There is a chance that both have some problem as I don’t see evidence of the 2A current burst that should happen when trying to transmit. I even use an oscilloscope, and the max current I register is an average of 80mA at 4V, when it may be trying to transmit. The 2A bust is about 10% duty cycle, that I imagine should draw at the very least 200mA during these tries. But max is 80mA.

Any experiences will be very appreciated. :pray:

Today I am getting a new SIM7080G modem that is more expensive, but operates with LTE IoT NB and Cat-M, and I will compare.

Thank you.

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That does seem strange. You should still be able to pickup 2G networks for the moment when scanning. It does sound like something is wrong with the modem. You said your phone gets 2G networks. Is that with a hologram SIM?

Hi, I am in New Jersey and none of my sim800L Dev boards were able to connect to any networks, previously T-Mobile worked last year. As of two weeks ago they don’t. I just assume T-Mobile must have shut down their 2G network already I’ve already switched to simcom LTE.

Hi Thanks for your answers… Yes Hologram SIM and now I tried two more and same results +COPS: ,(0-4),(0-2) . Is like if these modems can’t see any PCS1900. I can see 2G PCS1900 in my regular phone. I wonder if what Chaka was connecting to before was another type of 2G network. In theory the SIM800L should support 4 bands (including PCS1900)
Network scanning and listing, should be independent of the SIM card, even with no card should show what compatible networks are there with +COPS=? .
I just got a SIM7080G module that appears to connect fine via LTE CAT-M. This one supports also NB-IoT but I couldn’t connect to Hologram with this yet, only Cat-M. Did a few Pings so far to web servers.

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