SIM900 not registered on network...

I am using a SIM900 GPRS with a new sim card and it signals that the SIM900 is operating but that it is not registered on the network yet…
What else do I need to do to resolve this. I think(LOL) that once I get that resolved, I will be able to use my test code to start development.

Just talking about a regular t-mobile sim here, but I’m in NE Ohio, and the only 2G connection I can make is if the board has EDGE capability. My Sim808 board (GSM/GPRS) will not register.

And when I try AT+COPS=? to see what’s out there, no other 2G providers show up in my area besides t-mobile. So for me 2G EDGE is the only option.

Can anyone from Hologram chime in here, could a 2G GSM/GPRS board register with a hologram sim in the US??

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