Simulate a Hologram Nova

I have ordered a Hologram Nova and would like to begin exploring the Dashboard before it arrives. Is there a way to simulate data generated by a Nova?

I dont think so without activating a simcard atleast. Honestly its probably easiest to just wait until you get the device. a lot of how the data appears in the dashboard depends on how you send it. What tags to you include? how do you encode the data? what endpoint(s) are you using?

I would take the few days it takes for the device to ship to play around with their sdk and maybe write some skeleton code to test out hte nova once you get it

Hey @hickse,

The Hologram Dashboard allows you to simulate messages as if they were coming in from the device, but to do so you’d need an active device. If you email we can try to get you your SIM number before the package arrives, if it hasn’t already.


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