Sixfab Gprs shield + Hologram_CLI

My Sixfab GSM/GPRS shield for Rasp. Pi, came with a Hologram Sim Card.
Had no issues logging in with your card and would like to explore your data engine by sending files to the cloud. I downloaded your Hologram_CLi python sdk, but this shield is not recognized as a modem.

Is there any way to use this shield with Hologram_CLI?


this has been asked a few times before

A) Yes you can use the SIM card with traditional means such as TCP sockets or HTTP requests
B) The discovery code for modems currently looks for nova dash and a few subsets of modems. The modems recognised can be found here: hologram-python/Hologram/Network/Modem at master · hologram-io/hologram-python · GitHub


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