Sketch for M2 to reach the Hologram Cloud

Hi. I am using the Macchina M2 (Arduino Due) in combination with the Digi Xbee 3G modem and a Hologram SIM. I’m trying to get the M2 to send data to the Hologram cloud, so that I can see it on my dashboard. The cloud seems to be rejecting the connection. I am able to get SMS to the M2 from my phone and the cloud. Has anyone done this before? It was easy to do with the Hologram Dash, but this project requires the M2. Any assistance would be appreciated.

I am attempting to use SerialCloud to write directly to my Hologram Dashboard…

Hi Robert

Took a look at your code, thank you for linking it in the other thread:

The HologramCloud command is specific to our Dash API and will only work with the dash. It’s likely you’ll have to use commands that are closer to the Digi Xbee 3G module. Our connectivity should work with their modem, but you’ll need to communicate with it using command it will understand.

In this case, you’ll want to view your Digi module documentation, likely talking to it over serial. Then you’ll be able to connect via the SIM to the cellular towers and then you can set our cloud as the endpoint (or you can choose to push the data elsewhere).

This is a common issue, especially since you’re a regular Dash user (thank you!). Because that’s a more integrated solution, we have attempted to make the connection easier for users. Unfortunately these firmware modules do not exist for others’ hardware.

Yes, Dash is so easy and well documented! Thank you. I will start researching the Digi serial command.

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I found the serial call from the Arduino to the Xbee 3G modem. Now, I just need the modem to establish communications with the Hologram Cloud. I am attempting to send the Hologram Cloud SMS based on the instruction on the Hologram website. What am I doing wrong?

Attached is my dashboard, the Hologram instruction, and the XCTU settings

@ChrisGammell I am able to SMS message directly from the Digi Modem. I have received these SMS on my phone, so the modem is sending out texts correctly. I texted the number associated with the Hologram SIM I am using and it came back to the modem console correctly. I have texted the Hologram SIM number from the Dashboard and it is received correctly on the modem console correctly.

Now, all I need to do is get the Hologram Cloud to receive the SMS. Is this possible? According to the Hologram website, it is. (

Do you need to use an IP address? Could you use “” to ensure you get the right IP address via DNS?

@ChrisGammell Does this mean the answer to my question is no? I can tried to use with no success. The reason I wanted to use SMS is because I have confirmed it is working. I am at a hackathon and I realize I am a low level programmer, but if I can make this connection, I can keep boasting about Hologram.

I was just checking with our team and the IP address of that endpoint changed recently (

The reason I said to use the address “” is that a DNS capable service will look it up in case it changes in the future (or if we add more servers to handle higher traffic).

Try both and let me know if either works.

Should I be sending my traffic to port 270F ?

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