Socket error: timed out while using RAK Wis Cellular

I am using hologram sim with RAK Wis Cellular LTE Arduino Shield, but when sending a message to the device it’s throw**:Socket error: timed out** . but when I tried the simulation service no problem at all.

I was using AT command to send the message. the commands are below.

AT+QICSGP=1,1,“hologram”,"","",1 // Set APN network to hologram
AT+QIACT=1 // Activate the APN network
AT+QIACT? // Query the APN assigned IP address
AT+QIOPEN=1,0,“TCP”,“”,9999,0,1 // Create a TCP, connection hologram test server
AT+QISEND=0,48 // Send data, send data length is 48
{“k”:“devicekey”,“d”:“Hello,World!”,“t”:“TOPIC1”} //Send Packets.The data format is

Hello , any one here … ?

The commands you posted are for sending data to our cloud. They don’t have anything to do with listening for data coming from the cloud. Does that shield have AT commands for listening on a port?

Yes. this command


will create TCP connection to 9999 port

That connects to a port on another server but aren’t you trying to send data to the device? In that case you’ll have to listen on a port so you probably need to open the socket a different way

I’m also using WisCellular. The AT command is to send data from the device to Hologram cloud. If everything goes well we should see “Hello World” in the dashboard. But the command with data failed with “ERROR”.

Both of us are likely following the same instructions: section 5 of蜂窝网络/WisLTE/B软件开发/

They tested successfully it in china, but in my case the data does not go through.

Same situation for me in India , but message is successfully receiving from the hologram cloud dashboard

Hey @cnxsoft and @SalmanFarisvp,

We don’t have the RAK Wis Cellular board in house so we can’t recreate the issue. Nevertheless, the guide you are following was written by the RAK team so it would be good to reach out to them directly and get a better idea of their thought process behind the instructions given that as Reuben pointed out AT+QIOPEN=1,0,“TCP”,“”,9999,0,1 connects to a port on another server. The email on the guide is

Outside of that from my read of the guide a few areas that are possible gotchas are the second line where they connect to China Mobile where instead you will have to connect to a local carrier and the second to last line where they send {"k":"bZmmdbAg","d":"Hello,World!","t":"TOPIC1"} as Salman correctly pointed out you need to replace bZmmdbAg with your devicekey.


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