[SOLVED] Failing to change data plan through REST API

I’m trying to change the data plan for a number of links through the REST API but I can’t.
I’m using Postman to send the following POST request
With a body:
“plan” : 202
“zone” : “global”

But it fails with the following message
“success”: false,
“error”: “Not enough money in account balance”

That would make sense if I didn’t have money in the account but I do, and when I go to the dashboard and then go to the device page I am able to change the plan to what I want using the balance I have in my account.

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Hmm, is this for devices that are on an organization? Can you try sticking &orgid=<orgid> in the URL? You can get the orgid under organization settings on the Dashboard. It’s possible it’s looking at the wrong org’s account balance.

You’re right, explicitly adding the organisation id sorted that.
My guess is that it’s using the organisation id that the apikey belongs to.

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