[SOLVED] Sending 60kb encoded png

I’m sending an encoded and zipped PNG, 60kb large, over the hologram network with the python SDK. The message is never fully sent and it looks like it’s being cut off part way through.

Is the network designed to do this? Is there a message size limit?

I think Hologram limits a message size to ~10kB, there should be an old forum post about it (i’ll look through my history as well). This is a limitation of hologram cloud, not the underlying cellular network. Your options are to either split the data up into multiple messages or use a 3rd party cloud provider. Note you could setup an aws s3 bucket and http “PUT” the image in their directly. I have done this wither large-ish files.

Here you go: Maximum data size per message via Socket API

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Awesome, thanks.

How do I do an HTTP post using the network?

I do it through AT commands, but I am on an embedded device

It looks like you are using a linux box. I believe the Nova creates a PPP connection that basically behaves like a network port. So if you don’t have wifi / ethernet plugged in to your linux box, all network traffic will go through the Nova. In that case you can just use curl or or a python script or something to make an http request just like you would over wifi/ethernet.

You should only have to use the Hologram SDK to setup the nova and if you want to communicate via the hologram cloud.

**The warning for accidental stickershock is that all network traffic goes through the nova just like wifi That means if you download updates transfer files / etc. you pay cellular data pricing. Updating python libraries could cost you 5$, etc. I would be careful when playing around with the linux box with the Nova plugged in and enabled.

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My RPI Zero has a Hologram PPP running. I guess my question is solved.

Thanks for the help!

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