[SOLVED] Settings for Firebase Webhook

I’m trying to use the routes feature to post data received from devices as .json to firebase. Doesn’t seem to be working right, the documentation on what should go in each box isn’t very clear and so I am really not sure.

At this time here is what I have in each box
destination URL: https://mydata.firebaseio.com/<<device_id>>/data.json
payload: data
id :: <<device_id>>
soc :: <>

I get a ping-back error HTTP 405 from firebase that says I must “append .json” to user rest api

I am sure for the folks who do this stuff I’m making really obvious mistakes, but I don’t know…

Hey Electriclove,

I haven’t personally set Firebase up, but the screenshot attached was provided by a user who said they were able to get this to work. I hope it helps you out.

Brilliant, thank you for the help, this got me there!

Sure thing!

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