Sonoff G1 Problems


Hi there,
I purchased a Sonoff G1 ( - I tried a Ting SIM and it connected fine. I would rather use the Hologram due to cost savings - but it has never connected. I’m not looking for anyone to fully fix my problem - I just want a little sanity check:

  1. The Pilot Plan Hologram Global SIM card should work for this application, correct?
  2. There is nothing beyond initial setup of the Hologram SIM that I need to do for it to connect and work (generally), correct?

The dashboard indicates that it is set up and ready but it never connects via the Sonoff platform. Any thoughts would be appreciated - apologies for how limited my question currently is.


did you correctly set the APN to “hologram” on your Sonoff?


Thanks for the direction. I’m unable to find any clear way to do this on the device, so I thought perhaps an OTA update might help. I put the Ting Sim back in to perform the update, and now it also won’t connect. So it’s not looking good, but it very well is unrelated to the Hologram SIM. If I make any progress I’ll update back here.

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