Space bridge for Mobile?

This would be an amazing addition to the service. I frequently need to VNC into my IoT devices, and as the spacebridge application is “computer” only, it makes it tough to manage our devices. Just a thought!

I couldn’t agree more. My devices are in hard to reach non-urban areas and lugging a laptop is, well, unwelcome exercise… Android first, please, cheaper to purchase than iPhones…

The spacebridge application isn’t required to access your devices.All you need is an SSH app to establish the tunnel. There are plenty available for Android and iOS.

Reference Hologram’s directions under “OPEN THE TUNNEL BY RUNNING SSH WITH PORT FORWARDING” in the spacebridge instructions.

ssh -p 999 -L 5000:link10311:22 -N -i spacebridge.key htunnel @ tunnel , hologram . io (spaces getting around a stupid forum filter limiting the number of “links” for new users).

Modify the above command to connect to your VNC server (port 5901) instead of SSH (port 22). Note: Your unique Link ID can be found under Devices in your dashboard.



ssh -p 999 -L 59011:link123456:5901 -N -i ~/.hologram/spacebridge.key

Configure your VNC client to use and port 59011 (or whatever you set LOCAL_VNC_PORT to)

It’s completely possible to connect to VNC over spacebridge on non-PCs, but you may not want to due to speed and data usage.

“Possible” isn’t the same as “easy”, hahaha.

I think something as simple as the current “interface” as spacebridge, with a built in ssh console would be perfect.

The solution mentioned above requires me having a list or pre-saved sessions of each devices link ID, which frankly, is a pain on a mobile device.

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