Spacebridge incoming IP address range for firewall

Our devices use a firewall to closely control both outgoing and incoming traffic. I’d like to add a firewall rule to allow me to connect in over spacebridge but need to know the smallest address space to allow. In one test, I saw that the spacebridge address was something like 10.176.*.*. Is this documented anywhere?

I want to be sure about:

  • No other hologram devices being able to route to my device. This may be assured by the device ID and API key used when establishing the spacebridge connection.
  • Always being able to route to my device even when spacebridge addresses change.

Thanks in advance.

Hello, that IP range is correct for now. All spacebridge traffic should hit your device from that network.

Our own network firewalls prevent devices from communicating with each other. As you mentioned, devices are locked based on the key that is used to connect (it’s actually the tunnel key that is created using the API key) and so no other users should be able to hit your device.

Thanks for the response @Reuben. When you say “for now”, I assume this could change. Is there a way that customers can subscribe to be notified about any changes?

We aren’t planning any changes right now, but it’s possible we might need to add more IPs in the longer term future as we expand our network infrastructure. I think if you follow the update thread on here then you’ll be able to catch an announcement like that: API/Dashboard Updates - #105 by Reuben

We’ll also try to add this to our docs soon and update there if needed.

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