Spacebridge links

Im building out an application where my IoT device registers with my cloud server and the cloud server initates the spacebridge link. This works at face value. However, after some period of time, even when my IoT device still has it’s ppp0 connection, and my cloud server still shows the spacebridge link process running, the traffic I am attempting to send does not flow.

While there may be some other factors about my application at play that aren’t yest apparent to me, and with not knowing much about what is happening behind the scenes with the spacebridge link, I am trying to get a grasp on whether I should expect a spacebridge link that is established to remain “established” and usable indefinitely or do I need to investigate creating and ending the spacebridge link as needed (or after a certain period of time). (Also, by using the term indefinitely I mean as long as my hologram account is in good standing and things have power, the sun is shining, the magnetic poles haven’t flipped, etc.)

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