suddenly not rerouting sms messages?


I am still having trouble receiving an sms message from the hologram sim when sent to my Verizon number…

So, in the mean time I have been having my Iot device with the hologram sim message its self (I have a purchased number). It has been sending me an email with the data I need but today it has not been working? I am not sure why? The Iot is sending sms, I have confirmed when sending to a non verizon number. So, I am wondering why the re-route is having issues? When I simulate a message from the hologram dashboard to send a sms I do receive it in my email.

any ideas?


small update… I can send an sms to non verizon number, confirmed. I can text the hologram sim from multiple numbers and they are rerouted to my email, confirmed.

The problem seems to be that the hologram sim and my Iot device can no longer message its self???

It has been working for the past few days, just not today?


Just to confirm the issue here: you’re saying that you are having the device send an SMS to it’s own purchased phone number and it’s not working?

Correct, it get “some” if thr messages it sends to its self. Last night they showed up a few hours after they were sent. I did another test this morning about 3 hours ago and still have not received it.

The device can send a sms to a phone and it is received almost immediately. I can send a sms from a phone to the device and I will get the email almost immediately (within 1 or 2 min). But last night when sending a sms to its self there was a huge delay even when testing from a cell phone. And again, I have not received the test sms from the device to its self but have received sms from cell numbers…

Very strange…

Any ideas?


I’ve dealt with this issue a while ago. I forgot the exact jargon but Verizon said hologram phone numbers are carrier-less and are international. You can call Verizon and have them fix it. But there are side effects. The text can take 10-20 minutes to reach you and sometimes they stop coming and you have to call Verizon again. They wont know what on earth you are talking to when you call them. It takes a while for them to look close enough to locate the text messages from hologram you did not receive. To me its not worth it, its better to send emails to to receive texts or use another service provider for texts like twillio

Olav!!! You are a God sent!!! I had no idea about AND IT WORKS!!! THANK YOU!!!

I have been on the phone for hours with Verizon trying to figure it out and this took 2 min to implement!!!

Seriously, can not thank you enough!!!

i’m having the same issue but i don’t know how to email instead of sms. can someone explain please?

I was sending an email via holograms rerout service. You can set up a reroute from your sim dashboard. What it does it everything there is an incoming you can have the hologram cloud also send an email to whatever address you prefer.

Looks like you can only rerout an incoming sms.

ok thanks. i’ll have to look into this reroute service further and figure out how i can turn on a notification when my mobile alarm system is triggered. not sure how to go about that.

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