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Is there a way to replace a SIM card, My SIM is defective I have a new one, how can I swap out the sim, or if not how do I Deactivate the sim I only see pause?


I think you have to email hologram at success@hologram.io to deactivate a sim. Remember deactivation is permanent.

That being said, I would work with Hologram first to figure out why your sim is defective, they should be pretty bullet proof.


I’m new to Hologram, so I can’t speak to the reliability or life-expectancy of Hologram SIMs, but my experience with other SIMs is that failures are not unusual. I’ll also add that each time the supplier of a failed SIM asked me send it in for them to, “take a look,” I never got any explanation.

SIMs do not last forever. I’ll also mention that most providers offer SIMs in two flavors: “commercial” and “industrial” with industrial SIMs having a life expectancy 5 - 10 times longer and, supposedly, able to operate reliably in harsher environments. I have generally used commercial SIMs because the industrial cost 3-5 times as much. However, I have one customer with 30 devices for which a bunch of SIMs failed. I replaced them with industrial SIMs and haven’t had any more failures, but the number of SIMs replaced was small so I can’t draw any conclusions.

As @AndrewGifft suggests, return the SIM to Hologram if they’re willing to try to figure out why it failed. I would not expect them to discover anything, but it can’t hurt to let them try.

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