TCP API - Socket Timeout

I am using the TCP API to send commands to a device and get responses. Some of the commands require some processing time that exceeds the socket timeout of what appears to be ~10 seconds. Any way I can keep the socket alive while I process the response data to keep things synchronous?

I use the PPP connection over TCP with my own web server. I have not found the socket to time out. You can specify the time out parameters when you create the socket by default they are minutes. What I have found is something completely different. That is the network dumps the connection or if you use any of the functions like modem signal; the connection is dropped. I wrote a cron function that looks to see if the PPP connection was dropped and reestablishes the connection. I log all re-connections. And found that it is a few times a month. My connections are 24/7. I would verify what is causing the socket time out.

I am referring to the hologram TCP/UDP connection to my device. I don’t have direct control over that socket timeout.

Hey @superpanda,

What exactly are you referring to when you say TCP API and the Hologram TCP/UDP connection. Just want to make sure we’re on the same page.


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