The 2019-01-23 Data Engine outage


Is anybody seeing any activity out on the Console / All Activities? I’m not seeing any of my messages. I’m wondering if it’s just me, or is everyone missing all their data?


It’s not you. There are no messages under the devices in my dashboard, and the REST API is returning a 503 error (Endpoint temporarily disabled) when I try to get messages that way.


Curtis - Many thanks for the confirmation.

Further documenting my observations from an end-user perspective. Despite the console not displaying the messages from my device, Messages are being received and processed through my defined Routes. So it is only a matter of not being able to use the console to quickly verify the status of my application.


We’re working on getting this up and running again. As you saw, no data is being lost and rules are still being processed, it’s just that one endpoint to view the data started having issues and we had to bring it down.
If you have an urgent need to see that, send us an email and we might be able to turn it on for your org a little earlier.


P.S. You can also setup a temporary webhook with and just get all your data sent to that for now. (* is a wildcard topic)


Hi Reuben,

Would this have any effect on sending messages from the Hologram Dashboard to a device? I’m working on being able to receive messages on my device, but they’re not coming through, and I’m trying to figure out if it’s something I’m doing wrong or if the service is unavailable.


No, that’s unrelated. You may want to start a new thread about that if you’re having issues.


That endpoint should be working again. Let us know if you have any trouble.

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