Time to send MSGs to cloud?

Hi all,

I am trying to send GPS data to holograms cloud and then route to a URL. Everything is working well except I notice that it takes me about 3 seconds to execute the hologramCloud.sendMessage() function - I time the send using millis() within the program. I am sending approximately 50 bytes of data.

Is that three seconds actually the time it takes to execute the send? Is there anyway to send data at a faster rate?

I would ideally love to send GPS coordinates at least every 500 ms, but it sounds like this isn’t possible. What times can I expect to see realistically?

I am considering buffering up a series of packets and then sending all at once. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

For your use case I’d recommend using a MQTT provider instead our our cloud router. Sounds like you need to open one TCP connection then stream location data. Check out the following providers:

In your script include a MQTT client to publish data then use Hologram SDK to control opening and closing the network connection.

import paho.mqtt.client as mqtt
from Hologram.HologramCloud import HologramCloud

hologram = HologramCloud(dict(), network='cellular')

# ...mqtt broker info


while True:
    # ... your mqtt code


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