timestart parameter in https://dashboard.hologram.io/api/1/csr/rdm

That parameter does not seem to be implemented correctly.


gives me ALL messages from that device not just messages since Mar 31 2021 15:25:51 GMT+0000.

Can someone else confirm this?

Hi, I just tested and I think you may be right. That time is currently in the future so it shouldn’t return any records. We’ll investigate more on our end and get back to you.

Sorry, never mind, not in the future, but yeah, something seems odd. Will let you know.

Wait, I had just mistyped something on my end. This is working properly for me. Can you confirm that the URL is being sent properly?

How can I pass you the actual URL privately? This is definitely not working for me.

Send me a PM on here

(Issue has been solved)