TK103A no connectivity

I have 3 separate devices, all Coban TK103A trackers. 2 have been used before, 1 brand new one, and none of them will register to the network. They are listed as being compatible, and the dashboard can see my activated SIM card, but not a device using it. I have to send an SMS to the device to set up the APN to then handle data, but I can’t even get that far. The devices never show the status lights that they have cellular connectivity, across all 3 devices testing with two cellular antennas. Any idea what could be going on or how to fix this?

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Can you find out from your device manufacturer what cellular module is in this device and what RATs are supported? A quick Google search suggests that the TK103A is only a 2G device, and a lot of operators have been sunsetting 2G/3G RATs or are preparing to (and, in the meantime, are reclaiming spectrum for use in newer RATs, which will look like some 2G/3G channels going away in some areas before others). There’s a good chance that you’ll need to upgrade to a 4G LTE device for your location, either now or in the near future.

Also, a quick note about devices listed as compatible, the list you’re referring to is a list of devices that people have used before when successfully connecting to the Hologram network, but it’s still possible the operators in your area have since deprecated the RAT or reclaimed spectrum in the area you’re located.

That makes sense, and was partly what I was afraid was going on. Thank you for that information.

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