Today's incident 3-16-23

Some information that may help troubleshoot the current incident (3-16-2023) and some questions.

The below results are after the incident posted:
Monitoring - A fix has been implemented on our upstream partner side and we’re monitoring to make sure everything is working as expected.
Mar 16, 2023 - 14:39 UTC

I have Hologram Nova R410 modems on Rpi’s. Two in particular:

  1. One that seems to be affected by the incident:
    a. SIM begins with 8944 and is affected by incident
    b. When send and SMS from the Hologram dashboard, in all activity it does show:
    Message sent to Device
    but do not get the usual “SMS delivered” and per logs on my Rpi the sms never gets to the device
    If I send a sms from the Rpi it does not get to the Hologram dashboard
    c. Per the dashboard the Carrier is: T-Mobile USA, Inc
    but when I run (in a bash script):
    sudo hologram modem operator
    sudo hologram modem signal
    sudo hologram modem type
    sudo hologram modem version
    I get:
    Operator: Verizon Wireless Hologram
    Signal strength: 31,99
    Type: Hologram Nova US 4G LTE Cat-M1 Cellular USB Modem (R410)
    Modem version: L0.,A.02.04

  2. One at a different location, SIM begins with 8944 but all is working normally
    but different carrier and firmware:
    Operator: AT&T Hologram
    Signal strength: 27,99
    Type: Hologram Nova US 4G LTE Cat-M1 Cellular USB Modem (R410)
    Modem version: L0.,A.02.19

Questions (for my education and perhaps to troubleshoot):

  1. Does the incident have something to do with a specific carrier and/or firmware?
  2. Is it possible (how to) force the Hologram Nova R410 to use a specific carrier?


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