Transferring ownership of the SIMCOM helper library


We recently decided to move ownership of the hologram-SIMCOM library from the official Hologram GitHub organization to my personal GitHub account.

As a fast pace start-up, we’re constantly adjusting and iterating. This is one of those adjustments. From the beginning, this simCOM repo should have lived under my personal GitHub account. In hindsight, it was ambitious on my part putting it under the Hologram Org. Why? Because the simCOM library is a proof of concept I maintain and not enterprise level software our engineering team maintains.

Moving forward you can pull new hologram-SIMCOM versions from its new home:

Support for the library will move to GitHub issues:

I’ll continue to maintain and support this library so keep using it in projects, post questions/issues and submit pull requests. I’d like to add support for the SIM5320 module with GPS and better support the Adafruit Fona family. This is also a great time to ask for help, any community contributions will be very welcomed!

What does this mean for official simCOM support from Hologram? As the need for support of simCOM boards grow and our engineering resources increase there is a very good possibility an official simCOM library will be published (along with libraries for other module manufacturers). This future library will likely be much better than mine with a tighter resemblance to our Dash toolchain.

Overall I hope you all can understand why we are doing this. I welcome any questions and feedback below.