Triggering DASH via IFTTT

I finally have my remote car starter prototype working perfectly and getting ready to install it. I’ll do a full write up on the project here soon for those that are interested.

Control of the project was the last piece of the puzzle to solve. I was testing the unit by sending an SMS via the Hologram Dashboard and was intending on purchasing a phone number and just triggering it via an SMS from my phone. Then I figured this out …

IFTTT can easily be configured to send a POST message to Hologram’s API to trigger an SMS command, which seems much easier than setting up a listening port on the Dash to me. The below parameters define the “THAT” portion of setting up the IFTTT applet. As far as the “IF” portion, the sky is the limit. I have set up a simple button on my iPhone home screen (using IFTTT iOS app), a button press on my Garmin Fenix watch (Thanks to awesome Garmin widget by Travis Vitek) and also voice command via my Amazon Alexa. The last example was probably unnecessary but there is something very cool (and James Bond-ish) to hit a button on my watch or speak a command and see my car fire up with a gizmo I designed myself.

I hope you find this useful. If this was obvious to everybody more experienced with this stuff I offer apologies:

IFTTT THAT configuration:

  1. Select “Webhooks”
  2. Select “Make a web request”
  3. URL:
  4. Method: POST
  5. content type: application/json
  6. body: { “deviceid”: yourdashID, “fromnumber”: “+1-312-555-1212”, “body”: “START” }

Obviously insert your Hologram apikey, dashID, telephone # and desired command where appropriate.

Respond below how you are connecting IFTTT’s awesome service with Hologram’s awesome hardware.

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