Tunnel/Bridge/Proxy Nova and Ethernet Network

I’m not really sure how to describe what I want, so I’ll try to describe the conditions and behaviors I want.

I have a raspberry pi connected to a network without internet service. The raspberry pi is connected to the network via Ethernet. And a Nova is plugged into the raspberry pi. Let’s say the IP address of the raspberry pi’s Ethernet network is

I have a computer connected to the Ethernet network, which needs to Telnet to a server on the internet.

I’d like to point the computer’s Telnet client to the pi’s IP address, and the pi returns the Telnet server on the internet.

Does this make any sense? Is this possible using Nova? Is this the proper way to go about doing this?

Thanks in advance for help and suggestions.

yes it is

The raspberry pi essentially should become a gateways in this case

you can then route based where traffic needs to go

If you configure the Modem Correctly it should become a PPP interface (like an ethernet interface)

It then comes down to how you want to route


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