Tunneling without using the Spacebridge Client

Sorry for the newbie question, but having trouble following the documentation for “Tunneling without the Spacebridge Client”. The documentation states that I should be able to upload my own public SSH key via the Account->API page… sorry if I missed it, but I don’t think there is a way to do that on the API page. It only shows an option for generating a new key, not uploading my own. Similarly, the documentation states that I can find my “link ID” via the plus sign next to my SIM number on the dashboard… but there is no plus sign next to the SIM number on the dashboard. I need both of these to work so I can open a tunnel to my device.

I’ve scoured both the new and legacy dashboard pages, and can’t find this information on either one. Again, my apologies if I’m missing the obvious, but nevertheless I could use some help!

Many thanks!

Looks like we need to update those docs for the new dashboard. Anyway, your link ID is on the “Data Plan” section under SIM information now.

You don’t upload the public key via the dashboard. Use the command on the page to do it:

PUBKEY=$(cat spacebridge.key.pub); curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d "{\"public_key\":\"$PUBKEY\"}" "https://dashboard.hologram.io/api/1/tunnelkeys?apikey=<APIKEY>"

Oh I think I see what you’re looking at. The thing on the Dashboard that it is referring to is where to get your API key to use that command, not to actually do the upload.

Many thanks Reuben. I found the link ID per your explanation above. Thanks for the quick reply, and yes, PLEASE update those docs! I’m a total new guy here, and those docs are my lifeline!

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