U401 Production Status


I was looking for Nova modems and mistakenly purchased U401 from Mouser.

Why is the U401 not listed in the Hologram.io store.
Will the U401 be less expensive then the U201.

What is the long term plan for the U201.



Hi, so there are two Novas right now:
U201 which does 2G/3G
R410 which does Cat-M

The R410 is out of stock right now but we are doing another production run so hope to have it back in our store in a couple months. You can buy from distributors in the meantime.

We’re planning to keep producing the U201 through the end of the year but will be evaluating how long to keep it going based on when carriers plan to phase out 3G and what demand looks like. We’ll make sure to give a lot of notice before we stop manufacturing that one.

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