Uk Supplier of Hologram Nova

Hi Folks.

Is there a UK supplier of the Hologram Nova. Looked at purchasing it online but postage may prohibit purchase at the moment.

I have an interesting project for our local RNLI lifeboat station in relation to Search and Rescue training.



Hey Declan,

At the moment we don’t have any foreign suppliers. However, can you email so we can look into your shipping issue.


Hi Maiky

Sorry. Didn’t see your reply until after I went ahead and bought one. Lol!!

No worries though. Can’t be helped. Many thanks


Sure thing Declan!

Can’t wait to hear about how the Nova works in your setup.

Might be a while before I get it going but I’ll let you know what happens



I would also be happy with a UK supplier.

Can’t you make a deal with Farnell or whoever is selling Raspberries (there are a couple of shops)?
It is so frustrating to not be able to buy more SIMs because of the insane shipping costs.

I’ve had the idea that maybe a couple of us could get together to buy SIMs in batch? Which looks good first, but in practice the overhead of managing and repackaging it possibly costs more.

Some quick back of the envelope calculation: if we buy 20 SIMs altogether, that would mean the cost should be around 5 * 20 USD = 100 USD for the SIMs and 36 USD for shipping, altogether 136 USD.

Of course then it’s hit by customs, I think it’s just below the duty limit, so no duty, but still the handling fee (not sure about DHL, but Royal Mail charges 8 GBP) and then the 20% UK VAT.

So 136 USD = 98 GBP + fees + 20%, should be around 130 GBP. That comes down to 6.5 GBP/SIM (9 USD)

Shipping inside the UK is 1.68 GBP for Signed For® 2nd Class, pretty cheap.

Maybe someone of us needs to be a reseller, with consigned stock… I would happily buy SIMs for 9 USD a piece plus cheap shipping.

I’m not sure about the demand, though, but demand is a chicken and egg problem.

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