Unbranded SIM Card

Are there support for unbranded SIM cards? If so, is there a MoQ for unbranded SIM cards?

Hi, yep, if you order in blocks of 250 we might be able to do this. Send us an email at support@konekt.io and we’ll probably get back to you within a day on how this would work.

Hi Ruben, I would also be interested in Unbranded SIM cards for a project I am working on. We would like to offer data access for a product however we are concerned that customers would just go around us and purchase directly from Hologram if we offer the current Hologram branded cards. At this point in our business cycle we would just be sending out demo units with a SIM card. The cards do not need to have our branding just a generic looking card would work. I realize this thread is three years old. Is the current minimum order quantity still 250 units or are you able to do this with smaller quantities?

Hey @engino and anyone else looking at this thread,

If you are interested in custom or unbranded SIMs please reach out to our sales team using this link.