Unlock SIM card

I ordered a SIM card from Hologram at the beginning of the year, but just got the chance to use it. My plan is to use SIM 808 to post request on server; however I cant seem to get the SIM card to connect to network. In dashboard I still show live, so I removed the SIM from SIM 808 and placed it into an old AT&T phone.

The phone says that the SIM card is locked and needs a password with only allowing 10 attempts… Can you tell me where I can find the password for SIM unlocking process?

Hare you tried again today?
My device could not connect to network either on dec 25th & 26th.
Hologram status page never showed any issues but all is good today.

Is it possible you ended up locking the SIM with CPIN command? Our SIMs don’t come locked by default though if you email support@hologram.io we might be able to look up the PIN for the specific SIM.

No detected outages that day and no other complaints. Might have just been a delay activating it but strange that it took that long. We’ll keep an eye out for anything odd and please feel free to reach out if you notice anything else.

Thanks. I worked!

Thank you. It works now!

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