Updating the Cat-M1-R410 on SparkFun's shield


After many attempts to send data or messages with SparkFun’s Cat-M1-R410 I found this update for the same module on Nova. It was facing the same issue we have with SparkFun’s shield.

I contacted SparkFun’s and they told me to contact Hologram support for the firmware update. How could we update the firmware for Cat-M1-R410 that resides on SparkFun’s shield ?

I get connection but there is no data or messages transmission and the module stuck when it opens a socket !

This AT command stuck forever !



Our firmware updater is designed to run on a Linux machine that can connect to the serial port on the modem, like our Nova R410 which accesses the port via USB.
I’m not familiar with how that shield works, but if you have access to the serial port you can try our updater script. Otherwise, only sparkfun would know how to update the firmware on there.

There might be other people on this forum who have done it though and maybe someone else can provide advice.

Yes I can access the serial port on the modem in SparkFun shield.

That link you posted should have all the instructions so you can give it a try