Upgrading the firmware on your Dash


Hi everyone, we hope those of you who have received a dash have had a chance to start playing with it and we appreciate the patience of those still waiting for theirs.
I wanted to let you know that we have released a firmware update utility that you can see on this page: https://content.konekt.io/docs/hardware/konekt-dash/updating-dash/

Most of the dashes that shipped last week have firmware 0.9 on them and we have 0.9.1 out now. I’d recommend updating before doing anything else.

Feel free to use this thread for any questions about the update process. We’re working on making the docs better and getting everything cleaned up so we’re eager to hear your suggestions.


Oh and scroll down to the User Program Code Examples section on this page for the latest version of the stock user program. If the USB serial feature isn’t working it may be because you have an old version here.


New Dash system firmware version 0.9.2 up on https://content.konekt.io/docs/hardware/konekt-dash/


What are the differences between 0.9.1 and 0.9.2?


Are there big changes?

Any change to get a change log between 0.9.1 and 0.9.2?



Hey, sorry I missed this the first time.

Here are the main changes. We’ll try to be better about this in the future.

  • Improvements to PGM button responsiveness
  • Add ability to send a topic along with a cloud message and some other fixes to cloud sends

I also should mention that we now have a much better Arduino IDE integration that works using the built-in Boards Manager and doesn’t require manually installing any dependencies. You can read about how to use it here: https://content.konekt.io/tutorials/hardware/konekt-dash/getting-started/#programming-the-konekt-dash-using-the-arduino-ide


Thanks for the info!

Do you have a quick code snippet showing the use of topics with the cloud sends?


I’ll bug @KonektPat to post something


Hey @skeller,

We’re going to add a changelog to the next update.

There are default topics set by our Cloud as data comes in. The ability to add additional topics is supported in the socket API, but os a feature that is going to be available in the next release.

We are almost finished with our advanced functionality library for Arduino, which will enable you to call functions that will set topic. It’s just finishing testing and some final features. Some interesting remote control functionality will be available in the release of the library as well.



Good news for Beta board users: We are putting the finishing touches on the updater app to update your bootloaders and bring you up-to-date with all the current features!

At that point, Beta boards and main Production boards will be in sync with one another for being able to run the latest firmware releases.

All the best,


Eager to get this, thanks.


Hi @KonektPat, can you tell me if the Beta board bootloader update is available?



My dash arrived Apr18. Do I need to update firmware? How can I tell what firmware is installed (cannot get serial monitor working just yet)?

Edit. I just installed the latest firmware anyway. That was easy.


Did this functionality arrive? I’ve looked through the examples and documentation that I’ve found, and not finding anything relevant. Quite possibly I’m missing something obvious.

e.g. For an asset tracking device, I might want to send regular short messages, either to confirm location or just to phone home and kick the timeout on the heartbeat. These messages might be routed via email, or not at all. The same device might then want to send an urgent message, which I’d want to route via SMS. Setting the topic seems the way to handle this, but I’m not seeing a way to achieve it.


That will be in the next firmware release scheduled to be released around the 20th


Great news :smiley:
A few weeks to get my hardware design sorted out then!