Using a Nova without USB


Are there any examples or suggestions for using a Nova Cat-M1 without USB? I’d like to connect a uC directly to the uart pins, and also power the whole thing with a single 3.7v LiIon cell. It appears that the design basically requires USB power. I’m wondering about cutting the 3.8v trace right where it exits the TPS chip and connecting the battery to TP30. I also have the 3.8v discharge ckt to deal with. Hmmm, maybe the Nova does really require USB…?

Using UART on a brand new Nova Global Cellular Modem

Hi! This looks like quiet a surgery you’re hoping to do on your Nova :wink:

The Nova’s power can be a bit tricky, so we don’t suggest you rip up the power like you describe.

Maybe finding a low power boost circuit board to interface between the battery you have and the 5V bus? Are you super space constrained? Also, perhaps you’re looking to make a more custom solution? Any other details you can provide?


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