Using a route with heartbeat

Currently I have multiple Sims using the same routes. Each route is using an advanced custom webhook to get to my website, To differentiate devices, I post <<>>,<>. This allows my website to determine which device is sending the data.
I can add another route using the same topic that has a heartbeat modifier, but it seems that it doesn’t send anything to the advanced webhook if I ask for the <<>>. It does work if I post something like “hello world”. I need to have something that tells me which device is timing out.
Any thoughts?

Hey Mcrowley,

I’m not sure I quite follow what is going on here, but have you tried attaching these to different topics? What I have done in the past is programmatically get my device’s ICCID and concatenate the last few digits to a custom topic which helps isolate both the device and the specific topic you want to generate.


Let me see if I can describe it better.Let’s say I have the following:
100 SIMs
1 Topic - mystatus
1 Route Myweb - uses an advanced webhook with <<>>,<> to my website.

when each SIMM delivers a message to my website, I can determine which SIMM sent the message by the <<>>.

Let’s say that each device sends a message every hour. If for some reason the SIM does not send a message for two hours, I wanted the hologram cloud to send me a message which would allow me to determine which of the 100 SIMs has not reported data.

In production, you want to make it easy and foolproof to add more SIMs. In my case, I just activate the SIM and enter the into my web database. Making another topic for each SIM, and adding that Topic to the route leaves too much room for mistakes.

If the heartbeat option could tell which is the offending SIM ( I assume by device.ID) then the heartbeat function is quite valuable to all of us.

Hey Mcrowley,

Unfortunately heartbeat doesn’t do this right now. You’d have to make a separate route for each. I agree that it would be really nice to have this so I have shared your feedback with our product team to add this feature in the future.



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