Using a Zoom 4630 modem?

Recently, my original Nova modem quit working, or it’s no longer able to register with the remaining 2G services in my area. There is 2G service remaining, but it’s weak.

I have a Zoom 4630 LTE USB modem available. This device appears to register with the network, and I can verify via AT commands that the APN was correctly set to hologram. I can see signal strength, and the SIM number is correct when queried. However, trying to use this modem with the cli programs always gives “ERROR: Modem not detected” I’m using an older version of the interface, version 0.8.3. I can’t update due to the older version of python running on this machine.

Here’s my questions:

1 - Is this modem even compatible with Hologram? With the cli?
2 - If so, how do I tell the cli programs where the modem lives on the system? (i.e. /dev/ttyACM0)

It’s been a long time since I’ve installed this, so there may be things that I don’t remember. Figuring out if there’s even a config location would give me a good start, and I don’t see that in the docs.