Using Dash Passthrough for TCP Connection

Is it possible to use the Passthrough mode to send direct AT commands to the modem on the Hologram Dash to open a direct TCP connection? I’m using the HologramCloud to send message out from my device, but want to retrieve software updates over the cellular network but want to avoid working around the 4KB inbound message limit.

Basically, I would like my device to be able to make a HTTP GET call to my own server to download new software for my device.

There are many topics already covering this concern on passthrough, HTTP and TCP. Just search for those and you’ll find good suggestions to go about your target.

Though I’m not sure what’s your objective…
Are you trying to do OTA update of your app/firmware… then do it safely in Hologram Dashboard.
Are you keen on using HTTP get? Then Use HTTP AT commands.
Are you uploading/downloading data greater than what HTTP post can provide? Then send them via packets of 1.2K via TCP