Using Dash with another Carrier


I would like to know if it is possible to use the Dash with another none Hologram SIMS.

I have installed a Bell Canada Sims card on my Dash and it is timing out when trying to authenticate with Bell Canada Network.

Is it possible to configure the APN ?



The Dash is meant to work easily with the Hologram ecosystem. Right now it is not possible to set the APN manually. In the future we are hoping to offer developers a path towards using other networks. The first step is for us to release our system firmware, which is estimated for release January `17.


@benstr Any timeline can be predicted to use hologram with third party SIM’s ? Any time soon ?


Hey @omer , we’ve made great progress towards open sourcing the Dash’s system firmware. Expect to see the public repo become available this month.

To be clear, once our system firmware is publicly available it will allow you to modify carrier and cloud integrations but modifying those will be at your own risk. We will not be able to offer support. 3rd party carrier support will eventually be officially supported in our system firmware. Unfortunately we do not have a solid release date for those features.

  • Are there any updates regarding the release of the system firmware since February is past and also March is getting close to be last month?
  • Will this also include the firmware for the Dash Pro?


I’m also in this situation where I can’t use the DASH board because HOLOGRAM SIM does not cover my area/country. Hence, I need to use a local telco carrier’s SIM. Thus I need to change the APN setting at the Hologram’s System Firmware level but the DASH FIRMWARE is nowhere to be downloaded yet.

I found another topic here where a PASSTHROUGH FIRMWARE was discussed, enabling the passing of AT commands directly to UBLOX so that APN setting and other carrier-related credentials can be easily coded… I tried this path, but the said passthrough ‘user’ firmware have made my DASH board not reachable by ARDUINO IDE…

I’m a bit running out of time to port my Prototype from ADAFRUIT FONA FEATHER to HOLOGRAM DASH and hopefully you guys can help me sort things out.