Using Hologram with AT&T Starter Kit?


Hello All,

I just got my Hologram SIM card in the mail this week and want to try using it with my AT&T Starter Kit. Has anyone else done this yet? Thought I’d check first and see if anyone has any helpful hints or clues to getting it working.

I am using the modem with supplied NXP board and have also connected it to my RPi 3 for network access.



It should be doable with minimal work. Look for a spot in the SDK examples where the APN is set, change it to hologram.

I have the same kit in the office but have not had a chance to set it up. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts about the kit and getting it on the Hologram network.



Well, I put put in ‘hologram’ for the APN and I’m able to use it from the Raspberry Pi as a modem to ping so I think it’s good! Will add updated progress as I continue along.



I did this and it works fine - very quick to recognize network. The key is to remember to set the APN to hologram!