Using the GPy from Pycom integrated with Hologram


I’m new to the IoT space. I’m trying to use the Pycom Gpy, but I don’t know how it sends data.

Is there a way to use it to connect to the hologram dashboard? I’m already using hologram SIMs, and think it would make a lot of sense to do things all on the hologram backend with webhooks, and so on.

How does that work? Any help would be great!


Hey Matt,

We’re actually troubleshooting the GPy right now over on the PyCom forums, it seems like there might be some connection errors. Have you been able to get yours online yet?

Yeah. I saw that.

I’m not sure what the issue is there because if the hologram SIM’s work with LTE, then it should work fine.

Maybe simply using another SIM card would help with that problem. Not sure.

I haven’t been able to get it up yet, but I’m just starting. I’m curious how to even program the Gpy to send the data to hologram. That’s what I’m wondering about how to do. Any documentation on that? I couldn’t find any on Pycom’s website.

Once I understand that, that would help me to get everything online.


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