Using Visual Micro for debugging code


I have Visual Micro installed for Visual Studio 2017. The product enables debugging using the serial port for any Arduino compatible device.I am having trouble getting the debugger running with Dash. I can write code and program the firmware to the device ok but cannot use the debugger.

Has anyone here use Visual Micro or may be able to provide some idea what I need to do to get it running?

The software is available from The main software is free but I also purchased the debugger.

I am finding myself as meat in the sandwich because Visual Micro don’t know about Dash hardware and probably Hologram don’t know about Visual Micro but because Dash is Arduino Compatible, I assume it can be made to work ok.


I don’t think we support debugging via USB serial right now. There are test pins for JTAG but that’s probably a bit annoying for right now.

A future version of the dash will expose some more of that on actual pins