Using Webhooks & Routes (No SMS to Device)

I am now trying to send an SMS webhooks message and it fails to get sent to the Device. as see in the picture above.

What I have Done

  1. The post method registers as a success to the hologram network but then that it I never receive an SMS.

  2. I did setup and Configure Inbound Webhooks

  3. read the forums and tried similar methods suggested in those posts

4) Created a route that would go to my device ID. I set it up to get an email notification. I get the email but not the SMS to the device

Please advise

So if I understand what you’re looking at there, those webhooks aren’t for sending SMS. They’re for sending data messages. So you can have a service on the device listening on a specific port and you create a webhook for that port and then you can send data packets that will hit the service on the device.

Not sure what your device is, but if it’s running linux you can test this with the netcat utility:

nc -l 5000
Listens on port 5000

Then you can make a webhook that goes to port 5000 on the device. You can also test this by doing the cloud messaging feature on the dashboard under the messaging tab.

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Okay I’m not running Linux I’m using a Sim7000a after explanation I may be using this in the wrong way. I did figure out if I wanted this to work I would have to get a phone number a text to my SIM card, which is what I was trying to avoid.

This is the API endpoint for sending SMS to the device: REST API | References | Hologram

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Yes I have been using this one all along, I was just checking out the other features because they did not require authentication. I will continue to use this rest at before my project thanks again. :+1:

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