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Hi guys, newbie here…

I have a question about the Webhook URL that hologram provides via REST API.
Does the module that I use needs to be configured from the Routes to the Webhook URL?, because if I enter the Webhook URL, what I receive is only:
{“success”:false,“error”:“API method does not exist”}


Hey, welcome to Hologram.
Can you explain which webhooks you mean here? There’s two different things:

  1. You can create a webhook for sending a data message to a SIM
  2. You can set up a route to pass a message from a SIM to some outside service via webhook

What are you trying to do?

Thanks for the reply Reuben!

The webhook that I mean is the one which is provided by Hologram. The webhook url can be seen in Webhooks, Webhook url.
I am trying to get the data from dashboard.hologram.io via the webhook which is provided by Hologram itself. So the module that I am using sends a temperature and location data to the cloud, and now I want to get the data.
Is it possible to get the data using the webhook from Hologram or am I missing something?

Got it. So the webhook you’re looking at is for going the other direction. It allows you to send data to the SIM.
To get data via API you can use the /csr/rdm endpoint: https://hologram.io/docs/reference/cloud/http/#/reference/hologram-cloud/list-csr-messages

You can also setup a route to pass all of your messages out to an external webhook (or SMS or email or whatever): https://hologram.io/docs/guide/cloud/data-router/

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Okay noted.

Thank you very much for the help Reuben!
I will try using the cloud services (csr/rdm) endpoint and figuring out the url.

I also have tried using the Route but only to SMS. I am still figuring out to use other webhook to pass all my datas from the cloud.

Happy to help. Make sure to read through the docs. It explains how you authenticate and make requests against our REST API. Here’s the specific section: https://hologram.io/docs/reference/cloud/http/#/introduction/requests

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