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Few days into using my developer SIM from Hologram, was curious what storage solutions people are employing to store their data when it comes in. I’m looking at the Webhook approaches, but I am not familiar with sending data using such mechanisms (as opposed to just calling an API which has some data backend attached to it like MongoDB etc).

I found these questions which I thought were relevant:

But I am looking for something that can scale easily - and for which I can program a mobile app against or web client. I figured the Amazon or M2X services would work for me, but I saw that both are in beta, and I was never able to get M2X to recieve my data I don’t know why - but guess it’s because it is beta somehow. Any help or advice on other solutions people are employing to store their data from their devices in the cloud would be helpful.

@eWizard2_0 Sounds to me like what you are looking for is a BaaS (Back-end as a Service) type product. There are plenty out there but take a look at Firebase.

What up @eWizard2_0 - I wholeheartedly second @Yan . I have a webhook that routes all my data from multiple devices to Firebase. Nice having it paired with a realtime db. I think I use the Blaze tier for Firebase but it works great with the free tier to start as well. Hit me back if you need help with the webhook specifics in the dashboard

Hi SoupiestZebra, I really could use a little guidance on this webhook for firebase. Trying to set up the same thing right now

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