Well, that's it for me .... so sad :(

after a bright start with the product … i am very disappointed …

i was going to use the dash pro in my 30+ year old van to have some automation action.
a universal sim sounded just sweet for that. always knowing where your RV is (with some gps help) … some kind of protection in case of theft.
controling your heating, turn on your fridge before you get to the RV… impress your friend with turning on the party lights from a couple hundred meters away … yay!

well … it came different … again … again kickstarter kicked my butt …

i finally had to find out that another product i kickstartered is discontinued. (dash pro)
promises like blynk support, can bus support and others are not answered. (which were included in the kickstarter)

the dash pro basically became a superpowered serial2umts interface for me with well limited connectability

this is my 3rd out of 4 kickstarter campaigns that went south …

god bless Paul Stoffregen for making the best Kickstarter Campaign ever. Teensy 3.5 & 3.6 by Paul Stoffregen — Kickstarter
that one was on time. backed Aug 20th … shipped Sep 29th !!!

someone bless europe for europewide dataplans 1GB/month for 9 euros …
well lte router and a lot of esp8266 in the RV will make the difference …
luckily i backed blynk with konekt/hologram … blynk is a blast!!! updates, upgrades, new stuff!!!
and power is not an issue at all. i am having 250W of solar … which are solely supporting my electronics

lets see now what the hologram.brick can do for me … well i put it in a cardbord box for now … far away …


Hey @partyboarder

That was a pretty hard post to digest, but I get it. I have a few questions and then an offer.

  1. It sounds like you just received your Dash Pro, is that true? I ask because we fulfilled all orders between Feb-Mar 2016.

  2. When you refer to the Dash Pro as “bricked” what do you mean? Did something happen and the device no longer operates?

Now for the offer… :slight_smile:

Because the Dash Pro had a shorter life than expected, we offered backers free upgrades to the Dash v1.1. I’d like to offer you the same. We’ll reach out through private message to set up a shipment.

P.S. The team over at Blynk is awesome. Unfortunately, on our side, we’ve needed to implement a few features which have not gotten released. The good news is those missing features are coming very very soon to the firmware.

P.P.S. Paul Stoffregen does indeed rock! :metal: