What inbound filtering is employed and can I manage it?


Are inbound connections blocked?

May I modify any inbound connection filtering via a standardized interface? I am interested to allow inbound ssh connections.


Hey Cyrus, sorry for the delayed reply on this question to our support email. There was a lot in there and so we wanted to double check a couple things.
I’m pretty sure that that the carriers don’t allow inbound TCP connections. Our CTO, Pat, is confirming and will weigh in here with a final answer soon.


Traditionally (although not always) inbound connections are not possible due to NAT being in use over carrier networks to access the Internet. For that reason, we have our own APN to grant us the ability to have inbound access to cellular devices on our network, and we are developing API methods to reach all of your devices.

Our solution to provide inbound access to devices makes use of an API to send a payload to a socket (port) of your choice, and is web application friendly and compatible with REST and asynchronous services. Furthermore, our API call enables you to address devices by a unique device ID rather than an IP address, so your code needs not change as device location and carrier network routes change.

Our API call for inbound data is still in development.