When is GSM going out in the US?



I’m looking into using a GSM breakout board on a project, but I hear that some carriers are getting rid of GSM connectivity.

Anyone in @Hologram know details about this? I don’t want to use GSM if in one year it won’t work.



Word on the street I hear is 2G is gone in the US, except T-Mobile, but not sure when they will get rid of it.

3G GSM, nobody really knows when it will go out in the US. It depends on the market reception of the new LTE Cat M1/NB IoT, but it doesn’t seem like in the next year or two it is going out. (Dec 2018)


Definitely dont go 3G, the modules are more expensive than Cat-M1 modules, more power intensive and coverage isnt that great.

Verizon has nationwide LTE-M1 coverage as they converted all of their LTE towers to be Cat-M1 compliant (its only a software update for them). Last I checked T-mobile would keep 2G until Dec 2020 (https://www.geotab.com/blog/2g-network-shutdown/ ) Note I have found [2G] coverage pretty poor in the US and that was my big motivation to go straight to Cat-M1.