Where is the device key?

I cannot find the ‘device key’ on the dashboard.

I am trying to send an sms message from a RasPi via the hologram nova modem.

hologram send --sms --destination +12065555555 "hello from hologram nova"
ERROR: --devicekey is required

The nova is connected, and I can receive data and sms messages via
hologram receive --sms/--data

I can find the following IDs on the dashboard, but not the device key:

  • name
  • SIM number
  • IMEI
  • device ID
  • link ID
  • Personal Org ID
  • API key

This was asked back in 2017, but that answer does not help today.

Good question, I had to hunt.

  1. Go to Devices > Active
  2. click on the device of interest
  3. go to “Webhooks”
  4. scroll down to “Data Engine” and click on “Show Device Key”
  5. if needed click “Generate Device Key”

Thanks, Andrew!
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