Where is the firmware on github?

As I understand, the firmware for the dash and dash-pro are opensource. If that is the case, do you mind pointing me in the direction of the source? I see a repo on github for firmware images which is empty apart from the Readme. I am probably just missing something.

Hey @cdasher,

We’ll post latest sources there soon. We just recently did a big directory reorganization, partly in preparation for posting that, and also a part of our next firmware update being released soon.


cool. I figured something like that. I am quite anxious to get at the power saving modes and battery level and was hoping I could figure it out by reading the source. No worries, I can just wait until next week to get at those.

@cdasher: FYI, you would want to take a look through the Arduino IDE Integration repository to see the implementation for user module power saving modes, and for battery monitor access (which is planned to be released in an Arduino IDE board update next week, so check back then).

We’ll have some tutorials up though so you don’t have to look through the code, but you’ll still be welcome to if you want :wink:

Any updates on the firmware release on GitHub? Really looking forward to it. :slight_smile:

@Hurricane we are aiming for the end of May. We are excited to open source our firmware soon!