While still connected to network, unable to connect to server

Having an odd issue where after days or weeks, the device will show connected to the cell network but is unable to reach any server. It will stay locked up like this forever. Switching between AT&T and Verizon doesn’t help either. The only thing that reliably works is to unplug the device overnight and plug it back in. That fixes the issue but seems like something is wrong. The Dashboard shows the devices are connected and transmitting.

Anyone know a solution to this problem?

Hi, you haven’t specified which cellular device you are using, what computer/operating system you are using, or what software you are using to set up your connection. You haven’t specified how you are switching between ATT and Verizon. It’s hard to offer useful help without any of this information.

The switch is done via AT commands by specifying band. Disconnect, change bands, reconnect. The problem isn’t the switching, it’s that the device will remain connected for days/weeks and then no longer connect. A reboot doesn’t fix it nor does changing providers. It has to remain disconnected overnight.

Yes, you have described the symptoms, again. Perhaps if you answer the questions asked you will get some help identifying the nature of the problem. Until the root cause is determined no solution is possible.

With due respect, if you’re so certain what is and is not the problem then why are you asking for help? The more completely you describe the context the more likely you’ll get useful help.

There are several, orthogonal elements of successful data transfer. The first task is to determine which element is causing the problem. Without additional, basic information only guessing is possible.

Arduino using SIM7000 chip and modified Adafruit library. Any other questions I can answer?

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